Image of Cursed Pirate Girl vol. 1 (just a signature)

Cursed Pirate Girl vol. 1 (just a signature)


This is volume one of my graphic novel Cursed Pirate Girl. It contains the first 3 chapters of the story. I will sign these and draw a small stylized skull in them.

The blurb on the back reads as follows-
The Cursed Pirate Girl is on a quest in search of her father. A journey filled with adventure above and below the mythical waters of the Omerta Seas. A nautical fairytale of strange creatures, whimsical characters, swashbuckling danger, and the most bizarre pirates you could hope for, Cursed Pirate Girl is certain to amaze and captivate adults and children alike!

118 pages of story, followed by an alternate cover gallery and a guest gallery.

I write, draw and even hand letter the book. All the artwork inside is drawn in pencil and then inked with a brush at the size you are reading it. It usually takes me about a week to finish one page. Now it takes even longer :).

There will be 4 more chapters to finish the story. I am currently working on the end of chapter 5. Chapter 4 is called the 2015 annual and I will be posting some of these for sale as well.